Ginny Klevorn is a first time candidate running for the Minnesota House of Representatives in 44A – Plymouth. As a mediator and strategic business consultant, Ginny brings a lifetime of experience in conflict resolution and strategic business planning to serve the people of the district.

Plymouth Proud. Future-Driven. Responsible & Responsive Leadership.

Klevorn will work to strengthen and support educational systems, infrastructure including transit and communications; family security, particularly healthcare and eldercare; and the environment, specifically water. Ginny believes communities get better when we work together to achieve our goals.

Every day in St. Paul, Ginny Klevorn will work for YOU,
focusing on the following issues:

Strengthen Education for a Robust Economy
Ginny knows that in our global economy, education is the key to future innovation and tomorrow’s jobs. Education allows every student to reach their full potential, drives innovation at our colleges and universities, enhances our businesses, and increases our property values. As a mom of three Wayzata graduates, Ginny will work to invest in K-12 education at 2016 funding levels, find ways to make college more affordable and accessible, and alleviate college graduates from the burden of student loan debt.

Invest in Our Roads and Infrastructure
Ginny hears the calls from Plymouth businesses and families that we need improved roads, transportation, and communication, because every minute stuck in traffic is time wasted and opportunity lost. Ginny will work with both parties to find innovative solutions to traffic problems and invest in the ongoing maintenance and building of new roads and bridges.

Support our Families
Ginny will fight for affordable and accessible health and elder care that supports and strengthens our families. Ginny knows that we must support our aging population, working families, and women with public policy that put the health care decisions into the hands of families, with options available to them that are affordable. We must make child care more affordable and invest in our earliest learners. Ginny also knows the importance of keeping our kids healthy and safe by protecting our environment, including our beautiful parks, and by investing and promoting public policy that supports healthy communities.