GINNY KLEVORN State Representative

Working to meet Plymouth’s needs and values.

Providing for World Class Education

  • Predictable and sustainable annual per-pupil state funding that keeps pace with inflation
  • Fund the State’s portion of special education deficit
  • Provide adequate funding to keep our children and teachers safe at school
  • Make post-secondary education affordable and reduce student debt

Improving Health and Human Services.

  • Offer Minnesota residents the same healthcare option available to our state’s legislature
  • Implement policies that allow everyone to choose the doctor they want at a cost that doesn’t bankrupt their family
  • Support policies to end addiction and promote public health

Supporting Small Business.

  • Level the playing field and create a fair tax structure
  • Return our investment dollars to our community
  • Build Corridors of Commerce
  • Collaborate with business, government, and schools to develop tomorrow’s workforce

Providing for Best-in-Class Public Safety.

  • Support safe schools that fully serve student and teacher educational needs
  • Protect our safe and welcoming community through best-in-class police and fire protection
  • Stand with police chiefs: Universal background checks and gun violence protective orders

Caring for our Seniors.

  • Promote policies that protect seniors’ ability to live independently in their homes
  • Protect the ability to retire with dignity and peace of mind
  • Prepare for growing senior population through development and training of qualified in-home care

Protecting our Environment.

  • Support Recycling: traditional and organics
  • Support reduction in the use of fossil fuels
  • Support efforts to clean up creeks, lakes and rivers
  • Support protecting wetlands

Improving our Transportation.

  • Support comprehensive plan to build and maintain necessary infrastructure
  • Encourage and support mixed transportation methods:
    • Bicycle
    • Car
    • Mass Transit